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Timbalada is an Afro-Brazilian musician group from Candeal, Salvador, Brazil. It was founded by drummer Carlinhos Brown.

Timbau rhythms and phrases

Timbau patterns and phrases - Brazilian percussion blog
Five videos where you can learn differents brazilian timbau rhythms and phrases, like tamanquinho, samba-reggae, samba duro...

Pandeiro rhythms (III)

Pandeiro rhythms (III) - Brazilian percussion blog

Five Brazilian pandeiro rhythms: funk rhythms.

Maracatu in Cologne

Maracatu in Cologne - Brazilian percussion blog

This short documentary demonstrates why the german city Cologne, the carnival and energetic Brazilian drum rhythms perfectly match. Maracatu is a Brazilian style of music which is related to Samba and has been firmly established by the Maracuta Colonia group in Germany's carnival stronghold. Members of this band of drummers explain Maracatu's African roots, its essence and the reasons why it promotes the understanding among nations.


Some maracatu drums - Brazilian percussion blog

Maracatu is a performance found in Pernambuco state in northeastern Brazil. There are two main types of maracatu, maracatu de nação (nation-style maracatu) and maracatu rural (rural-style maracatu).

Timbal - Purchase advice

Timbal - Brazilian percussion blog
Tips and information to keep in mind when buying a timbal: size, material, rim... All you should know before buy your instrument.

Olodum da Bahia, a History of Cultural Inclusion

Olodum logo - Brazilian percussion blog
This article focuses on the treatment of the Grupo Cultural Olodum with young adolescents Maciel Pelourinho, Salvador - Bahia - Brazil, in the 70 and 80 living in situations of profound social vulnerability and the opportunities were few. The Pelourinho, Salvador Historical Center, this time was inhabited by people who were unable to decent housing, since the site had no basic infrastructure, dominated the robberies, crime, prostitution and drug trafficking.
Within this panorama was created Bloco Afro Olodum, the intention to create opportunities for the population of blacks and Maciel Pelourinho Bahia able to play the carnival on a block that had its identity.